Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Art Dolls

Well it's been awhile but I'm back. I have been doing more swaps.  I did a Zoo Animal Swap, A Halloween'Autunm Ninni Swap & A Art Doll swap. I can show the Art Doll I made since she just got it today.

I made it from Fabric,  window screen for the skirt & embroidered on it., washers for the boobs crocheted over them & wood & pipe cleaners for hair & different embelishments. 

Two different arms & necklaces,

Side view. She started out to be a Hippe but kind of turned into a Jester. I loved making her. It was a lot of fun!!
This what I received from my partner for the Art doll.
She's very detailed, she's a tree with lots of things growing around her.

A Close up of the front.

The back with showing some of the interesting embelishments.

Extras a crocheted hat & hand warmers. Love them!

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