Monday, May 23, 2011

My Plethora Poppet swap doll

Hi all, I have finished & sent my Poppet so now I can show you & tell you about it. It was fun a little hard at first but I did ok. Not as great probably as some of the others who were in the group. They did an awesome sewing on theirs. But she turned out pretty good. My partner said she Rocked so I'm glad. Anyway I made 1 outfit a jean skirt & cami top & vest with a flower, meltal looking dots, a pin I found with moon & stars on the front. She is a Rock Star. Wild Hair several shades. Also on the back of the vest a heart skelleton.  She does have underwear on & I made a extra top just a triangle & velcro to close. No Shoes just didn't have time. But I gave her some fabric to make more outfits. Oh also her hands has fingers that bend & I put a ring on one finger & a bracelet with a moon link on it. The other arm & hand I embroiderd a curly line from one finger to up to her shoulder. Also I gave my partner a card, a heart I made out of wire, 2 packages of button covers for joints. Some candy for her & her kids. A owl stuffie & adoption certificate. A small quitar. A small envelope bag to put things in. So I learn a lot from this. I would do it again. It was a lot of fun. Can't wait to get my Poppet, should be soon.                                                   

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